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The most exciting, accessible, varied and good value diving in the Coral Triangle. The Philippines has it all - stunning reefs, pelagic superstars, historic wrecks, macro wonders. It's time to explore this awesome diving paradise


From the Second World War wrecks of Coron Bay to the enigmatic thresher sharks of Malapascua, from the conservation successes of Tubbataha to the muck diving at Dauin – the Philippines has a lot to offer the discerning diver. A great place to learn to dive, an underwater photography studio to hone your skills, rich and rewarding war wrecks and friendly and well-run dive centres spread across a vast and varied archipelago at the heart of the planet's marine biodiversity hotspot

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The Bahamas comprise 2,000 islands and cays which stretch across 470,000 square kilometres between Florida and Cuba. The rich and famous come for the glamorous hotels, newly-weds for a romantic getaway and divers come for shark and dolphin encounters, eerie World War wrecks and spectacular drop-offs.

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Each island has its own character and the diving changes from location to location. Explore the beautiful coral gardens of the Exumas and the Abacos, or visit one of the world's most extensive cave systems off Grand Bahama. Sharks are commonly encountered throughout the Bahamas, but thousands of divers every year choose the famous Tiger Beach in Nassau, home to the sharks for which it is named

From the best of Bahamian diving to land-based adventures and essential need-to-know information for travelling, we've got all of it covered in the sections below.

Welcome to DIVE Magazine's guide to the Bahamas....


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Situated on the Jordanian Red Sea coast at the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, the resort which shares the name is a long-established diving destination that boasts both lush coral reefs and some of the Red Sea's most notable wrecks. With little in the way of currents and a topography that sees gently sloping reefs fringe from the shore before dropping off into the depths, Aqaba diving is perfect for the inexperienced novice and the technical diver alike. 

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Away from the diving, the World Heritage site of Petra's ancient city and the expanse of Wadi Rum are easily accessible either as day trips, or as overnight excursions as the guests of the Bedouin, dining under clear and starry skies. The indirect flights to Aqaba via the capital city of Amman have dissuaded some tourists from visiting in the past, but the recent addition of direct flights from the UK and other locations makes it an ideal destination for divers to get their Red Sea fix.


Here's a round-up of DIVE's essential guide to the delights of Aqaba...


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The diving in Mexico is rich and diverse – from dramatic pinnacles surrounded by large pelagics in the Revillagigedos to gentle drifts dives over the coral gardens of Cozumel, from cage diving with great white sharks to exploring mysterious and beautiful fresh water caves hidden in dense jungle.

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It attracts divers making their first tentative steps as novices to the most experienced, hardcore, rebreather explorers. Cozumel trains more open water divers than anywhere else in the Western world. Experienced photographers delight in the high-energy dives of Socorro with oceanic manta rays and even passing whales. Mexico has something for every type of diver.

You can discover the secrets of cenotes - the Mayan gateways to the underworld. Drift over the most beautiful and bountiful coral reefs. Or play with inquisitive sea lions.


Join us in exploring the underwater wonders of Mexico…


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More than 1,200 miles into the South Atlantic, St Helena is one of the world's most remote inhabited islands. The British Overseas Territory has evolved in quiet isolation away from the rest of the world making the flora, the fauna, even the people and their language among the most unique you will ever hope to find. Once a five-day voyage from Cape Town, the advent of a weekly commercial air service to the island in 2017 has made St Helena much more accessible for visitors. 


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Home to a number of endemic species and a very special whale shark aggregation, the crystal clear waters of St Helena are home to a rich and diverse marine habitat, undisturbed by all but the lightest touch of human endeavour. A dive along the shores of this most fascinating volcanic island is an absolute delight - the nearest other divers in the water are almost 1,000 miles away, and the only sound you might hear is the sound of your own bubbles, and the humpback whales singing in the distance.

Welcome to St Helena Island, the South Atlantic's best-kept secret…



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Stunning reefs, dramatic walls, soaring pinnacles, acres of soft corals and lots of wildlife. The island archipelago of Fiji is home to some world-class diving. Many say it has the planet's best shark dive with seven different species regularly making an appearance. Most agree its abundance of brightly coloured soft corals is unsurpassed. There is still plenty to explore with liveaboards visiting untouched isolated reefs and it has a wide range of well-run dive centres on picture postcard pretty islands.

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There are few places left where you can experience true tropical wilderness. Fiji covers 1.3 million sq km of ocean with a population of 884,887. Rainforest cloaked islands are surrounded by deep, nutrient-rich channels sustaining wonderful reefs and attracting plenty of pelagic wanderers. This is adventure diving at its best.




Come and explore Fiji with DIVE…



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Egypt's ancient cultural history is among the richest in the world, and so is its diving. Egypt's landscape is filled with stark and beautiful contrast - between an almost barren desert and the lush green valley of the Nile, and the Red Sea's deep blue waters and vibrantly-coloured marine life set against a backdrop of sandstone mountains. Egypt's scuba diving has something for everyone, from the absolute beginner to the most experienced of technical divers; those who like their diving easy and their currents slack, or those who prefer exhilarating drifts along spectacular walls with no seafloor in sight.

Scuba diving brought tourism to the Red Sea, and from their humble beginnings, Egypt's resorts are now among the best in the world. With so much to choose from, and so much to be enjoyed, it's not always easy to decide where to go, so here's DIVE's comprehensive guide to the best scuba diving in Egypt...



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Located on the eastern coast of Central America between Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, Belize is one of the most diverse nations of the Americas, both above and below the water. The Belize Barrier Reef, described by Charles Darwin as 'the most remarkable reef in the West Indies' was made famous by the legendary explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau when he brought the Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef to the world's attention.



Home to more than 100 species of coral and 500 species of fish, some scientists claim that less than 10 per cent of this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been explored. With such a huge array of marine diversity, and the remains of the ancient Mayan civilisation to explore during surface intervals, there are plenty of reasons to visit. Read on for all you need to know about taking a scuba diving vacation to Belize...




SCUBAZOO | Indonesia From Below

Indo From Below 1

Indonesia regularly tops our DIVE Travel Awards as the best place in the world to dive, to a large extent because there's so very much of it to see, with an incredible range of locations to visit.

As part of the Coral Triangle, Indonesia's range of biodiversity is, quite simply, stunning. From macro to megafauna, schools of majestic manta to the weird and wonderful muck-diving of the Lembeh Straits, there's a lifetime of diving available in the world's most populous island nation.

DIVE Magazine has teamed up with leading underwater film-makers ScubaZoo to bring you a stunning series of short programmes about our favourite destination.

Jaw-dropping footage of the manta rays of Sangalaki, weird jellyfish lakes, macro marvels, ocean giants such as whale sharks and mola mola, plus important human and conservation stories.

Every week for the next three months, Bertie Gekoski brings you another episode of Indonesia From Below - keep an eye on this page and subscribe to our weekly nesletter for updates.



SCUBAZOO | Timor-Leste From Below

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