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The islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino are packed with the best of Med - lots of history, friendly people, eclectic food and fascinating towns and villages to explore

 Knight life

Valletta Dollarphotoclub 61225329Valletta - a World Heritage City

The charming, historic and diminutive capital, Valletta, a World Heritage City and European Capital of Culture 2018, is a perfect place to stroll around soaking up the history (and the sunshine) and an ideal jumping off point for sightseeing across the island. Built on a peninsula, Valletta is surrounded on three sides by sea (including the famous Grand Harbour). Panoramic views are round every corner. And the city is still very much the city of the Knights who built it on a barren hill following the Great Siege of 1565 in which they nearly lost Malta to the Ottoman Turks. The Malta Experience is a show you shouldn't miss. It will tell you all about Malta's amazing history in just an hour. Also don't miss the awesome Caravaggios at St John's Cathedral.

 Medieval marvel

MdinaThe walled city of Mdina

Mdina is the old capital of Malta – a medieval walled town situated on a hill in the centre of the island. Walking through this time vault is a real pleasure: narrow streets open on to glimpses of other alleyways, footsteps echo on the stone paving and squares open up without warning. Its winding streets, wonderfully preserved churches, palaces, elegant edifices and mighty walls hold a unique charm.


Light up the sky

fireworksFireworks over Valletta

If there's one thing that Maltese people love to do, it's party. Every parish has its own festa celebrating the day of its patron saint. The streets are adorned with colourful banners and bright lights, and on the eve of the festa fireworks echo through the streets as families and friends celebrate with music and food. The following morning begins with High Mass, followed by a procession of the patron saint. Village festas are a hugely important part of Maltese culture, and visitors are always welcomed with open arms to join in the festive atmosphere.

 Temple run

Mnajdra TempleMnajdra Temple

Mnajdra is a megalithic temple complex found on the southern coast of the island. The site is probably the most atmospheric of all Malta’s temples. It lies in an isolated position on a rugged stretch of coast overlooking the isle of Fifla. Mnajdra is a complex site consisting of three temples overlooking an oval forecourt. The first and oldest temple is a simple three-apsed building and dates to the Ġgantija phase (3600-3200 BC).  The most impressive of the Mnajdra temples is the third, with its largely intact façade and bench constructed in the early Tarxien phase (3150 – 2500 BC).


Fish feed

MarsaxlokkFishing boats at Marsaxlokk harbour

Marsaxlokk (pronounced Mar - sa - shlock) is a small picturesque village in the south eastern coast of Malta located around a harbour which is the second largest natural harbour on the islands. This shelter is home to the traditional Maltese fishing boats, the colourful Luzzu's which have a mythical eye painted on both sides of the prow, to protect the fisherman and his family from evil. Every Sunday morning, Marsaxlokk is host of the biggest fish market in Malta. The harbour is also renowned for good fish restaurants.

Palace life

Casa-Rocca-Piccola-2Casa Rocca Piccola palace

The ancestral home of the 9th Marquis de Piro and family, the 16th century Casa Rocca Piccola palace in the heart of Vallletta, is still inhabited by the de Piro family today. This is an exquisite glimpse into the world of the old nobility that is so intertwined with the island of Malta. Visit the garden, summer and winter dining rooms, WWII bomb shelters, and centuries worth of artifacts. Your entrance fee includes a guided tour that features lots of great information about the history of the house and its decorations.


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