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Wetsuit diving means buoyancy is less of an issue than when using a drysuit and the extra lead required for diving temperate waters so a lightweight travel-style BCD is more that adequate in most cases. Dispensing with a fixed, hard-back harness jacket is not only much more comfortable but also sheds weight and helps keep your dive bag within ever-decreasing airline baggage limits.

Mares Hybrid BCD


The Mares Hybrid is a lightweight dual-purpose Cordura-material BCD featuring a design that combines wing-style rear buoyancy underwater but also ensures plenty of all-round lift when at the surface. Weighing 3.8kg the jacket has a foldable backpack for easy packing and storage, low-profile exhaust valves, a pair of zipped side pockets, seven aluminium D-rings and Mares' MRS Plus integrated weight system.


Aeris Jetpack


The one size fits all Jetpack is a wing-style single-bladder BCD combined with a semi-dry day bag. This innovative combination allows the transportation of a complete set of scuba gear with both components quickly and easily separated at the dive site. The jacket is constructed from 1000 Denier, weighs less than 3kg and can carry 6kg within its adjustable weight pockets.The 42-litre capacity bag connects directly to the BC and features a full zip main compartment, laptop sleeve and a pair of external zipped pockets suitable for smartphone, wallet and passport.



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