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Muck Diving

The Philippines is renowned for its magical 'muck' diving, and for those that enjoy seeking out the tiny organisms that thrive in this unique habitat there are a number of equipment considerations worth investigating. Buoyancy control is crucial so look for a good BCD that'll allow you to some close control along with a pair of comfortable but not overly-flexible fins in order to avoid stirring up the easily-disturbed bottom composition. Specialist photographic kit will also allow you to explore your creativity to new levels along with a good 'spotting' torch to help identify those critters.

Oceanic Viper Fins


Available in five different colours and seven sizes the Viper uses a flexible channel to direct the water off the tip of the blade for power and efficiency during finning while the reinforcement bars either side of the blade provide strength and stability. Of dual material construction this semi-rigid fin can be purchased in full foot or open-heel versions.

Reefnet Firbe Optic Micro Snoot


Shooting tiny macro subjects requires advanced strobe techniques and the use of a snoot prevents stray light from distracting from the subject manner by concentrating the strobe's output into a much smaller area. With a choice of strobe-specific mounts, the Micro Snoot can be fitted with a single or pair of 12 inch arms. Each arm contains a 150 x 0.75 fibre optic that can be used at its half inch wide setting or by selecting a more focussed beam using the supplied accessory tip for even more creative control.

Light & Motion NightSea Torch


The compact, mountable or handheld GoBe modular light range is available with a choice of six different interchangeable heads including red for use as an unintrusive camera focussing aid. These compact and USB rechargable torches offer a continuous beam with three adjustable outputs plus a flashing SOS function and LED charge indicator. The NightSea version uses the blue light wavelength to bring a whole new world of fluorescence to your diving and is supplied complete with a flip cap to revert to a conventional white beam.


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