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Prince Charles Calls For Cleaner Oceans

Prince Charles tells US marine environment conference that he is horrified at the amount of plastic litter in the oceans

Speaking at a day-long marine environment conference in Washington on 18 March, Prince Charles called on governments to minimise plastic waste. 

The Prince referred to a recent study which revealed that eight million tonnes of plastic waste enter our oceans annually - a figure which, he said, left him 'horrified'.

Speaking of the threats the world's oceans face, the heir to the throne emphasized that, 'One issue that we absolutely cannot ignore is that of the increasing quantity of plastic waste in the marine environment.

'Today, almost half of all marine mammals now have plastic in their gut and I know I am not the only person haunted by the tragic images of seabirds, particularly albatrosses, that have been found dead, washed up on beaches after mistaking a piece of plastic for a meal.

'The fact that a recent study estimates that by 2025 there will be one ton of plastic for every three tonnes of fish in the sea is not what I call encouraging,' the Prince told the delegates.

He further reminded the attendees of the conference that a quick transition from a 'throw-away society' to a more sustainable economy was 'utterly crucial'.

'On our crowded planet this has to be a critical part of establishing a more harmonious relationship between mankind and the natural environment which sustains us all.' 

Concluding his speech, the Prince added that 'there is a solution readily to hand and, speaking as a grandfather with a new grandchild due to appear in this world in a month’s time, I think we probably owe it to everyone else’s grandchildren to grasp that solution.'





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