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Protest Against New Phuket Dolphinarium

Proposed plans for a new dolphinarium in Phuket, Thailand, causes outrage among divers

Tourism and dive professionals in Phuket are outraged at the proposed opening of a dolphinarium in Thailand's popular dive destination, calling on their peers to join the protest against the project.

SKAL International Phuket, an association of tourism professionals, is leading the protest, stating that seeing dolphins in captivity is mis-educational to visitors and harmful to the cetaceans' health.

'Dolphins are highly intelligent animals, who suffer greatly from the effects of confinement. As a result they suffer from stress, breeding problems, and premature death, as well as behavioural problems that can result in aggression between themselves and towards humans,' a SKAL statement states. 

'The captive environment cannot accommodate the mental, physical, and social needs of dolphins and also fails to demonstrate their natural behaviour, complex lives, and the natural environment they inhabit.'

Adding a dolphinarium to the list of the city's attractions is 'unnecessary', the group stated. 'Divers come for the beauty that is Thailand, a country rich in natural biodiversity, and many believe by allowing this project to happen, Phuket is taking a step backwards.'

Barry Manners, a UK diver who has visited the are on numerous occasions ever since he obtained his Open Water certification in Phuket in the late 1990s, says: 'The Phuket dive industry has built an international reputation and offers something for almost everyone.'

'Divers come in many guises, but there's one thing we share in common. We're passionate about preserving the oceanic environment that inspired us to learn the sport in the first place. A dolphinarium on the island is so off-message it's a kick in the teeth,' Manners added. 'Even if the issues surrounding animal cruelty carry no weight with the island's administration, the collective wallets of tens of thousands of divers should.'

Get involved

To join the protest, click here: https://dolphinproject.net/petition-ban-the-import-of-all-dolphins-to-thailand/

For more information visit the 'Phuket Says No' Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PhuketSaysNo and the SKAL International Phuket webiste: www.skalthailand.org




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