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 Sky News Documentary Starts Ocean Rescue Campaign

plastic caution

Sky News broadcast its documentary A Plastic Tide earlier this week to launch its Ocean Rescue campaign. There have been other outstanding productions on the subject but it is Sky’s massive global media presence which lends a certain gravitas to the piece.

Whereas other documentaries are perhaps limited in their appeal to those with a particular niche interest, A Plastic Tide is a factual representation of what effect the global problem of plastic pollution is having on the oceans and its inhabitants, avian wildlife and – perhaps of more importance to some people – the human population.

The film starts with the horrific sight of a beach in India almost completely lost to plastic and quickly moves on to the impact plastics are having on coastal communities in the UK. The sight of a toothbrush being pulled from the stomach of an albatross is startling.  

The desperate struggle of turtles caught in a discarded fishing net will be a sight sadly all too familiar to many divers, as are the bottles and other detritus wedged into cracks in the reef.

Many people will not, however, know that plastic washed up from the ocean is causing coastal property values to plummet as they are in the Scottish village of Arrochar.

The documentary also covers the presence of microplastic in the ocean and in our food chain. Who wants to eat shellfish and crustaceans that have unwittingly ingested these tiny particles?

One of the greatest problems involved with the disposal of plastic is the fact that people do not know the consequences of what happens to it after we use it. The problem is not limited to developing countries, and A Plastic Tide goes some way to demonstrating how plastic pollution is relevant to all of us.

It does not particularly attempt to play on the emotions, cast blame or make us feel guilty by association.  Rather it takes a more pragmatic approach to raising awareness through education and involvement. A comment from an Indian dive guide talking about local fishermen sums it up quite succinctly: ‘They don’t know how not to destroy it.’

A remark that applies to many, many more people around the world.

Simple and to the point – you can watch the full documentary below.



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