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Campaign To Recognize The Trash Isles


trash isles flag hed 2017

The proposed flag of The Trash Isles

A campaign has been launched to recognize the vast collection of plastic waste covering an area equivalent to the size of France floating in the Pacific as an independent country with its own flag, currency, stamps and passports.

And the first proposed citizen of The Trash Isles (as the new nation is to be called) is environmental campaigner and former US vice president Al Gore.

London advertising creatives Michael Hughes and Dal Evans De Almeida, known as Dal and Mike, launched the campaign to force world leaders to address the scale of plastic trash in our oceans.

'We knew that, even though the trash patch covers an area the size of a large country, it is easy for world leaders to ignore it – the saying 'out of sight out of mind' could not be more applicable than with this issue,' Hughes said.

'We wanted to come up with a way to ensure world leaders can't ignore it anymore, a way to stick it under their noses, literally,' he added.


trash 2

The passport, currency and stamps for The Trash Isles

The currency includes a 100 Debris note which shows a seagull with its head through a plastic six-pack rings, while the other side presents a whale diving into water with plastic bottles and bags floating on top. The 50 Debris note depicts a sea lion tangled in a web of rubbish, while an octopus swims alongside floating waste on the 20 Debris note.

The passport comes with the motto 'The Oceans Need Us'.

The campaign has teamed up with  The Plastic Oceans Foundation and has launched an online petition with LADbible in a bid to raise one billion signatures. Al Gore, actress Judy Dench, Olympic athlete Mo Farah and actor Ross Kemp have already signed up

Talking about the campaign  Gore said: 'Ultimately, we want to shrink this nation … Let’s come up with biodegradable materials, let’s add a price on carbon, as well as laws and regulations to stop this wasteful practice of just throwing everything away and doing everything we can to create a circular economy.'




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