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 20th Anniversary Print Edition

To celebrate 20 years of publishing DIVE we are producing a deluxe, collectors' print edition


DQdummy smallOn beautiful, heavy-weight paper, this 116-page magazine will be available in leading newsagents and can be pre-ordered to be delivered to you directly.​

Twenty of our leading contributors will be selecting their special diving moments from the last two decades. We will be featuring the 20 top diving destinations our readers have picked over the years. Discover the 20 wrecks you have to have dived. See the best covers we have published each year.

And this special issue is also brimming with exciting new features. The very best underwater photography. Incisive, intelligent features. Beautiful illustrations. Wonderful design. You will never have seen a dive magazine like this!

DIVE has always been a world leader. Now it is taking dive magazines even further. A magazine to treasure.

Available on newsstands from 10 September 2015 for £7.99. Or pre-order your issue now and get UK P&P free. 




old covers2

DIVE International was first published in 1995 and for the past 20 years we have been delighting divers around the world.



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  • Guest - Pawdry P

    No thanks. This magazine has turned from a dive magazine into a general environmental activism rag. I'll stick with the more major publications.

  • Hi Pawdy,

    thanks for commenting. You're right, we at DIVE do care about the environment and we believe our readers do too. Shame other dive magazines don't.

    Marion (Editor)

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