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The black and white past - a tribute to the Thistlegorm


03 mar 10 motorbike thistlegorm wreckBSA motorbikes can be found in the holds 

Denis Zorzin is an Italian instructor, guide and videographer. As a long-term resident of Sharm El Sheikh he has clocked up more than1,400 dives on the wreck of the Thistlegorm, and has turned the preservation of the 'Old Lady' into a personal mission. Here is a selection of some of his black and white images to  commemorate the 75th anniversary of the SS Thistlegorm's sinking on the night of the 5/6 October 1941.


05 mar 2010 003 mast coal tenders thistlegorm wreckView from the port side adjacent to hold Number #1 looking aft - including the broken mast and one of the coal tenders

05 mar 2010 030 prop shaft thistlegorm wreckThe prop shaft from the starboard side of the ship looking forward from the blast damage


20gen 2010 036 cannon thistlegorm wreckClassic view from the stern with the World War One 4-inch cannon


21 mar 2010 024 universal carrier tanks bren gun carrier thistlegorm wreckOne of the UC (Universal Carrier) Mk-II 'tanks' - also known as the 'Bren Gun Carrier'

21 mar 2010 048 ammunition store shells cartridges thistlegorm wreckLooking into what used to be Hold No. #4 and the ammunition store – 14-inch shells in the foreground, boxes of 6-inch cartridges to the rear

 09 feb 2010 001 anti-aircraft gun thistlegorm wreckThe anti-aircraft gun

21 mar 2010 032 shell casing thistlegorm wreckShell casing scraped to reveal the date of manufacture

21 mar 2010 029 shells thistlegorm wreckMore 14-inch shells

21 mar 2010 049 cartridges thistlegorm wreck6-inch cartridges in their box


 Crowley thistlegorm wreck

 Save1 thistlegorm wreck


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