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Veined Octopus with Ba opt

Muck sites might not seem like the ideal location to produce stunning images but these simple tips will help you take home memorable photographs nonetheless

1 The Subject

Look for subjects that are above the sandy bottom. They are more easily separated from a dull brown background that is common in muck environments.

2 Colour

Look for colour that you can incorporate into the image, either the subject itself or a background element, such as the green of sea grass beds, the purple of an anemone or even a brightly coloured piece of rubbish laying on the bottom.

3 Backgrounds

If your subject is sitting in front of a distracting background, try opening up the aperture to create a blurred effect, letting the subject stand out from its surroundings.

4 The Angle

If you subject is situated in the sand, place your camera in the sand too, so you are shooting level for a more pleasing angle. Shooting downwards can work with some subjects, like stargazers, but in most cases it leads to a distorted view of the creature.

5 The Lens

Give your wide-angle lens a go for a different perspective, instead of sticking to the tried and tested macro lens on every dive. Close focus wide angle shots can look great when the viz is good.


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