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Joe Daniels - First Portfolio

First Portfolio 1

Profile copyFor the past ten years, I have been fortunate enough to work on various different marine conservation projects and diving operations around the world. Through diving and spending a lot of time underwater I developed a passion for underwater photography. Now I can't bear to be in the water without a camera, whether it's a murky pond or bustling coral reef. I have spent most of my time between Seychelles, Australia and Indonesia. When I can I prefer to make pictures while free diving which I feel gives me time and flexibility in the water, I use scuba when shooting macro.


A saddleback anemonefish Amphiprion polymnus tending to its precious eggs


 A large male reef manta ray Mobula alfredi being cleaned by tiny cleaner wrasse Labroides dimidiatus Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia


A Coleman shrimp Periclimenes colemani  is a commensal shrimp that is often found in pairs, exclusively on the fire urchin Asthenosoma varium. Their stationary nature and exquisite backdrop make them the perfect photographic subject


 I was out snorkelling in Baie Ternay Marine National Park, Seychelles when a torrential downpour passed over. During the heavy rain I encountered a green turtle, Instead of shooting it against a sunburst, I used the texture of the rain against the surface of the water to fill the negative space



A peacock mantis shrimp Odontodactylus scyllarus with a clutch of eggs emerging from her burrow in Lembeh Straight, Indonesia


The reefs surrounding Misool in Raja Ampat, Indonesia are some of the diverse and vibrant on the planet


 This red and white colour variation of the Hippocampus denise is only found around in Raja Ampat and some of the Maluku islands in eastern Indonesia. They are found on Melithaea gorgonian sea fans and are affectionately referred to as the Santa Clause pygmy seahorse


The islands of the Seychelles archipelago are host to nesting hawksbill turtles. Seychelles is one of the very few places where hawksbills haul up the beach and lay their eggs during the day


This ox heart tunicate shrimp,lives inside blue tunicates also known as sea squirts


The Rhinopias frondosa is a rare species of scorpionfish that is very sought after by divers and photographers alike. The rubble slopes of Ambon, Indonesia is one of the best locations to encounter this exquisite fish


This image was taken at the site of a former shark finning camp on Batbitim Island, Misool, Indonesia. The team at Misool Eco Resort have worked with local communities and implemented a no-take zone twice the size of Singapore. This is the result! 


Returning from snorkelling I noticed that around the shallow margins of Baie Ternay Marine National Park, Seychelles huge schools of small bait fish. I returned later that afternoon and positioned myself in the middle of the school, lying motionless so they would acclimatise to my presence. As the sun got lower in the sky I knew I had to wait and incorporate the setting sun in my image


A large red snapper joins a massive school of big eye jacks underneath early morning sun rays within the Misool Marine Reserve

For more of Joe's excellent work, take at look at his personal website: Joe Daniels Photograpy

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