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Copy of My First Portfolio 2

I live in Sydney with my wife, son and dog. During weekdays I am a middle-aged office worker. On the weekends, mainly Sunday mornings, I go shore diving in Sydney, with my trusty camera. Sydney is the only major city I know of where there is also great diving. A 20-minute drive I’m in Botany Bay diving with Port Jackson sharks and grey nurse sharks, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, seahorses, pygmy pipefish, frogfish, and the beautiful weedy sea dragon. Another favourite spot is Tulamben in Bali


Dinner's served:  This giant trevally slowly circling it kept the bait fish in a tight ball. Tulamben, Bali


Giant cuttlefish publish nocopyright

Snap shot: I was adjusting my camera settings when in the corner of my eye I saw something move next to my elbow. A blue grouper had swum up and was a few feet away and intently looking at what I was doing.  As I turned to look at him, this giant cuttlefish calmly swam by – I only managed to get the one photo. Bare Island, Sydney 



Eye turning: This blue ribbon eel was constantly moving. I was keen to get a photo with just the eyes in focus so opened the lens up to f2.8. The eel obliged by calmly swaying in front of me until I got the photo. Tulamben, Bali 



Shrimp cocktail: Nice little harlequin shrimp. Its friend is just off to the right out of shot. Tulamben, Bali



Hitch hiker: This not so little fellow was hitching a ride on a nudibranch.  As the nudibranch did a very slow u-turn the imperial shrimp sedately was moved into the correct pose. Tulamben, Bali



Strike a pose: The clownfish would swim through the anemone tentacles and briefly stop, turn around and look at me. Eventually, it turned right in the middle of the anemone. Tulamben, Bali



Some days: The first dive where I tried to take a picture of the pygmy seahorse didn't turn out well. The fan that the seahorses lived on was 17 metres down on a deep sea wall. There was also a strong current. Not wanting to risk damaging the fan, I positioned down current, finning against the current, maintaining buoyancy with a 50m drop underneath. So it was technically challenging. However, the main problem was that the seahorses were all facing into the current. I ended up with a number of photos of the back of a pygmy seahorses head! Sometimes you have to recognise the photo god is against you and come back another day. Tulamben, Bali



Feast for the eyes: What's not to like? Something that’s beautiful and reminds me of my favourite food. Tulamben, Bali



Nervous eel:  This small moray was extremely shy. It just poked his head out of his hole for a second to see what was going on. Tulamben, Bali


More of Stephen's work, contact details and online store can be found at https://adistantshore.infoIf you'd like to see your underwater photography published in these pages and shared across our social media feed and weekly newsletter, why not drop us a line at iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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