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I thought there was a ferry that ran betweem Hurghada and Sharm. Fly to Hurghada and then ferry.
HOW TO GET TO SHARM in Joomla Article
Guest - Craig peacock
What happened in sharm could happen anywhere. When the plane hit the twin towers did uk stop flying ...
HOW TO GET TO SHARM in Joomla Article
Guest - Andy
The problem is not getting to Sharm....what everyone is worried about is the very obvious lack of se...
HOW TO GET TO SHARM in Joomla Article
Guest - Kyle
As a visitor to sharm on numerous occasions and never being able to dive there due to an ear problem...
Guest - Christine
Am here now in Sharm. Going to Dahab on Monday then Nuweiba...into Israeli then home to Kos via Athe...

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