5 of the best diving computers

 Our choice of the best computers for different divers


  • LiquivisionX1 optLiquivision X1 

    With 10 gas mixes, compass, trimix, OLED screen and tap-nav menu, the Liquivision is all you need for tech diving. You can use it with open-circuit and closed-circuit rebreathers too. It’s a favourite among Inspiration users.

  • AtomicCobalt optAtomic Cobalt

    An air-integrated console computer, the Atomic Cobalt has an OLED display with a full-colour screen so you can flick through an on-screen logbook, dive profiles and the electronic compass via simple menus. It’s nitrox compatible, with the capability to switch between three gas mixes. But Angry Birds is not yet available on this platform.
  • SuuntoZoop optSuunto Zoop

    This computer is simply the best for ease of use. If you’re new to diving, it tells you all you need to know, as well as having thoughtful extras including being nitrox compatible, having a user-changeable battery, and a function to download dive data to your PC
  • SuuntoD9tx optSuunto D9tx 

    Not the cheapest computer, but this model will stay useful through your dive training, from diving on air, to nitrox (with eight gas switches), all the way to trimix. It’s got a compass too, so you’re sure to find your way there.
  • OceanicDataMask optOceanic Data Mask

    Think you’re James Bond, or Special Forces? This heads-up display computer is for you. The air-integrated mask-cum-dive-computer has an LCD screen so you can see essential dive info, such as depth and time, without taking your eyes off the reef. Look, no hands!


Tips for buying a computer

Do you dive with Nitrox?

If there’s even the slightest chance of you using nitrox, or wanting to in the future, then it makes sense to buy a computer that is compatible with nitrox diving. Generally, these computers only cost a little more, and buying one that can match your pace as you advance through your training will prove cheaper in the long run.


Do you want it to show the content of your tank?

Air-integrated computers monitor how much gas you have remaining during a dive, and your breathing rate. They will tell you how much time you have left at a given depth (whether that’s limited by your remaining air, or your dive time). The computer can also work out, if your breathing slows, that you’ve absorbed less nitrogen and therefore can stay down longer. Longer dives - what’s not to love?


Wrist or console? 

Generally a matter of preference. Bear in mind that if you choose a console computer, and spend a lot of time in the pool, you might end up getting through a lot of batteries, as it will be in use all the time. Wrist-mounted computers can be used for free diving or for day-to-day use, if you’re a fan of bulky watches.

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