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3 Regulators For Beginners

As part of our kit for beginners series, Neil Hope looks at three options for regulators...

Choosing your regulator depends a lot on where in the world you'll be diving and if you're travelling often. Warm water divers can normally dispense with the need for the environmentally-sealed first stages and associated metal second stage components that help prevent cold-water regulator free-flow, and this can result in a very compact and lightweight product. However, while an inexpensive warm water reg will perform more than adequately within its intended temperature range, I’d be inclined to go for the cold-water version from the onset as you never know where your diving may take you.


Apeks XTX40 DS4 

Apeks xtx40 ds4 beginner regulators

Another over-balanced diaphragm design, the Apeks first stage is also environmentally sealed and offers the same 2 to four ratio of ports on a swivel turret for easy hose routing. The option of a fifth port is offered if required. The balanced second stage is convertible for left or right use and also offers the option of a diver-changeable exhaust tee.

PRICE: £260www.apeks.co.uk


Scubapro MKII EVO R195 

Scubapro MKII evo r195 beginner regulators

Scubapro's MKII EVO is the manufacturer's smallest first stage in its range and features a lightweight downstream piston that is fully insulated from the environment. It has one HP and four LP ports and the R195 downstream valve second stage has a diver-adjustable Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist.

PRICE: £179www.scubapro.com


Oceanic Alpha 9 CDX5 

Oceanic Alpha 9 cdx5 beginner regulators

The CDX5  is an environmentally-sealed over-balanced diaphragm design first stage with a total of four LP and two HP ports. Ideal for both warm and cold water diving a flexible maxflow hose connects to the downstream, unbalanced and lightweight Alpha 9 second stage. The regulator is also protected by Oceanic's Lifetime Warranty.

Price: £219www.oceanicuk.com



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