3 Suits For Beginners

As part of our kit for beginners series, Neil Hope looks at three options for dive suits...

Wetsuits are always my preferred option for diving and can prove versatile across a range of water temperatures. Look at a two-piece version that offers the option of diving a full length suit, a shortie and for cooler temperatures, the two combined for extra insulation. If your diving involves temperate waters, deep and/or multiple diving then a drysuit is the sensible option. Check out what the divers are using in your locality, look at the pros and cons of neoprene and membrane versions and add this to the equation when buying your own.


Waterproof W3 


Available in male and female versions this 3.5mm neoprene rear-entry wetsuit is feature-rich at a very reasonable price with pre-bent arms and legs for an anatomical fit,  elbow and knee reinforcement plus a HexTex inner lining. A stylish-looking suit, great for warm water use and travel.

Price: £199www.waterproof.eu


Fourth Element Proteus 7mm 


Fourth Element's 7mm full body suit combined with the matching 5/4mm shortie and 5mm hood offers exposure protection in all but the most extreme of temperatures. Suitable for anything from the tropics to summertime diving in the UK this mix and match combo would make the ideal solution for a first suit thanks to its adaptability.

PRICE: £450www.fourthelement.com


Oceanic HD400S 

oceanic hd400s

A trilaminate drysuitconsisting of a 420 denier nylon outer layer, a butyl centre layer and a titanium lining, the HD400s has heavy duty latex neck and wrist seals, a swivel inflation valve and shoulder-mounted dump. Knees and shins are reinforced nylon and reflective tape at the wrists provide enhanced safety. A great no-frills entry-level drysuit at an attractive price.

Price: £659www.oceanicuk.com


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