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3 Fins For Beginners

As part of our kit for beginners series, Neil Hope looks at three options for fins...

Despite having tried many, many, types of different fins over the years I've only just 'retired' my inexpensive and heard-wearing original pair. They've certainly stood the test of time and have now been passed on to my sixteen year-old son. Look at your options - if you're diving in warm water perhaps a lightweight full-foot fin is the answer while for colder climates remember that drysuit boots do tend to be larger than wetsuit versions, so a fin with the capability to adapt to both will prove more economical than purchasing two different size.


Oceanic Viper 

Oceanic Viper Beginner Fins

Available in bothopen heel and full foot versions, Oceanic's Viper is a lightweight fin featuring a flexible channel built in to the blade to capture and control water as it flows during the kick cycle and thus improve thrust. A good choice for trips abroad.

Price: £25.99 - £44.99www.oceanicuk.com


Cressi Frog Plus 

Cressi Frog plus Beginner Fins

The Frog Plus is manufactured using three different materials: a rubber foot pocket, a techno polymer for the blade's rigid sections and a flexible silicone to allow the blade to curve. Allied to this design is Cressi's decision to fix the blade at the top of the foot pocket and thus increase the working surface by 20% to increase power.

PRICE: £64.95www.cressi.co.uk


Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

Mares Avanti Quattro plus Beginner Fins

The latest version of this popular open heel design fin uses a four channel blade to provide excellent thrust and efficiency while the bungee cord replacement for the original's buckle and adjustable strap makes donning and removal so much easier.

PRICE: £96 | www.mares.com

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