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Super Shark Theory

Researchers believe a super shark could be lurking in our ocean depths after the tag of an a great white apparently devoured by a giant predator was discovered washed up on a beach  

The theory is going to be aired in the upcoming Smithsonian documentary, 'Hunt for the Super Predator', to be broadcast later this month.

A tracking device that had been placed on a nine-foot great white washed up on an Australian beach had undergone a 30-degree rise in temperature before it descended 600m.

Filmmaker Dave Riggs said that the rise in temperature recorded on the tracking device could have been because it had gone into another animal's digestive system.

Some ichthyologists claim this could indicate there might be a super predator out there that could have devoured the great white shark and suggest it might be a left over from a pre-historic period lurking in the deep ocean.

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