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Teams of divers from around the world commemorated the death of one of the founders of Manta Watch with a synchronised charity dive

Divers in fifteen locations from Lundy to Lombok, covering eight countries and four continents took part in Dive Around the World to remember Guy Joseph, who tragically lost his life, aged 25, in a paragliding accident in 2011.


The dive, organised by UK charity Guy’s Trust set up in his memory, raised funds for the Guy Joseph Internship Programme at MantaWatch, the marine conservation organisation based in Indonesia that Guy helped found.

Each group of divers, many emulating Guy’s habit of wearing an animal ‘onesie’ or other fancy dress, took down a giant letter, which together made the words 'GUY’S TRUST!' Taking the photographs was in many cases something of a challenge, with the sea temperature in Chile only 7C, Sweden’s photographer getting lost in the murkiness of the Baltic Sea, California’s surge causing their letter to break apart and Komodo’s three knot current making theirs act like a huge sail.


Divers from Lundy Island, the Farne Islands and Norfolk in the UK, Monterey Bay and Fort Lauderdale in the USA, Jakarta, Morotai, Komodo, the Gili Islands and Bali in Indonesia, and Thailand, Timor Leste, Chile, South Africa and Sweden all took part.

They were raising funds to support Manta Watch's annual intern scheme to fund young Indonesian scientists to work with MantaWatch. See below a video on the scheme.

To find out more about Guy's Trust check out its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/GuystrustDATW/ or go to its website

And if you want to contribute you can make a donation here mydonate

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