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Thresher shark birth main

Thresher Shark Birth Captured

The first image showing a live birth of a thresher shark has been published

The image published in the Coral Reef journal is the first one to show an oceanic species giving birth, scientists believe.

The image was taken at the Monad Shoal in the Philippines, a renown cleaning station for pelagic thresher sharks which attracts several thousand divers each year. A research team led by Dr Simon Oliver from the University of Chester has been studying the site for years and spotted the pregnant female in 2013. The team's photographer, Attila Kaszo, managed to capture the first live birth of a thresher shark.  

'It looks like this area is not just a cleaning station, which is already massively essential, it's also serving as a pupping ground,' Dr Oliver told the BBC. 'We've seen lots of [pregnant] females there, so I don't think this is a one-off.'

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