Scientist Examines Rare Goblin Shark

Researchers of the Australian Museum had the opportunity to examine a goblin shark after it was unintentionally caught by a fisherman off New South Wales coast earlier this year 


The rarely encountered and elusive species has been found the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans at depths between 300 an 900 metres. Distinguishing features are its flat, shovel-like snout and its giant jaw. When hunting, the goblin shark projects it protrusive jaw forward to trap its prey.

'It manages to spear whatever prey it’s after and unlike other sharks, like whalers and white sharks, it’s got very pointy teeth which are used to spear the prey, not to actually cut it so this fish will generally be swallowing prey whole,' Mark McGrouther, the Ichthyology Collection Manager of the museum, says in the video. 

The impressive gif image by WIRED below illustrates what that looks like. 

goblin shark gif / WIREDGIF by Nurie Mohamed/WIRED. Source: Discovery Channel's Alien Sharks



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