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Celebrating an ocean giant

feeding whalesharks

Here's five of our best whale shark pieces from DIVE's archives  to celebrate Whale Shark Day

1) Beyond your wildest dream in Mexico

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 'As it turned out, it was a perfectly glorious summer with no real tropical storms, so I ended up spending 25 days, four to five hours a day, snorkelling with whale sharks in blue water with mostly good-to-great visibility. I had a camera with me at all times – it is force of habit – but after the first few intense hours with literally dozens of whale shark close encounters, one tends to focus less on photography. You lose sense of time and worldly concerns and float in a perfect cocoon of a truly great, out-of-this-world, magical experience. I did make a few images (okay, a few, er, um, thousand images) but the experience surpassed anything a camera could ever possibly record.' 

Douglas David Seifert on diving with whale sharks in Mexico


2) A 360º video of whale sharks

From a collection of great 360º videos which includes some more great whale shark and manta ray action!


3) Insiders guide to Ningaloo, Western Australia

Whale Shark Ningalo0

Ed Cardwell and Hayley Versace worked as photographers and videographers on whale shark tours in the area before setting up their own business, Migration Media. Here’s their insider guide to Western Australia’s unique diving experience.

4) 12 best places to see whale sharks

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Our guide to the best places to see whale sharks - which is one of our Top 10 all-time articles!


5) Ocean streaming - Amazon films not to miss

From our list of great films to catch on Amazon's video service is this gem about tagging whale sharks in the Galápagos. Sit back and enjoy.



Destinations Spotlight

Need inspiration for your next dive trip? Try one of our featured destinations from DIVE's travel partners.

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