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Thanks as always for playing our quiz - we'll let the winners know soon! Meanwhile, here are the answers to last week's second Fish ID Quiz. 

Quiz #6 - Fish ID the Second

question 1

1. This species of cetacean is commonly known as

(a) Shortnose dolphin
(b) Beluga whale
(c) Risso's dolphin
(d) Speckled porpoise

A: Risso's dolphin. They are sometimes called 'beluga' (especially in Egypt) because of their resemblance to the shape of beluga whales, which are larger and white in colour than Risso's.


question 2

2. This long, black and white stripey thing is a?

(a) Banded snake eel
(b) Banded sea snake
(c) Banded sea krait
(d) Banded tubeworm

A: Banded snake eels are often confused with banded sea snakes and sea kraits (which are the same thing) as they are similar in length, body size and colouring. You can tell them apart by the long dorsal fin of the snake eel which identifies it as a fish, plus the sea snakes have a much more pointed snout, like most snakes. Also the shape of the tail is different, with the snakes having a more distinctive 'oar' shape.


question 3

3. This handsome creature is known as a

(a) Pump lobster
(b) Flat lobster
(c) Slipper lobster
(d) Boot lobster

A: Although 'flat' lobster makes sense (and is also a type of shoe), this devastatingly good-looking brute is commonly known as the slipper lobster.


question 4

4. This cute little critter is commonly known as the

(a) Ermintrude the cow nudibranch
(b) Shaun the sheep nudibranch
(c) Pootle the flump nudibranch
(d) Snoopy the dog nudibranch

A: Costasiella Kuroshimae is commonly known as the Shaun the sheep nudibranch, due to a certain similarity to the character from the Wallace and Grommet animated films. Ermintrude (Magic Roundabout) and Pootle are hangovers from our Quizmaster's distant childhood.


question 5

5. This tough-looking turtle is a

(a) Green turtle
(b) Leatherback turtle
(c) Olive Ridley turtle
(d) Loggerhead turtle

A: Loggerhead turtles sort of look a lot like they sound!


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question 6

6. IWhat type of coral is this?

(a) Large potato coral
(b) Brain coral
(c) Maze coral
(d) Brown rock coral

A: It's a brain coral, for fairly obvious reasons given the way it looks.


question 7

7. This long-leggity creature is a 

(a) Wonderpus
(b) Spiderpus
(c) Slinkypus
(d) Spindlepus

A: Wunderpus photogenicus (the name says it all for photographers) or the wonderpus/wunderpus octopus has a very small head and very long legs which it often uses to mimic other, more dangerous marine organisms. It is very similar to, but a different species from, the mimic octopus, which it closely resembles.


question 8

8. This brutish looking shark is a 

(a) grey nurse shark
(b) sand tiger shark
(c) ragged-tooth shark
(d) all of the above

A: Although it looks like a brute with its muscular body and sharp and pointy teeth, Carcharias taurus is not at all dangerous to humans. It's a large shark at over 3m long fully grown but is a slow swimmer and rarely aggressive. It is found throughout the world and, like many species that exist in different localities, it has earned a range of different names. In Australia it's a ragged-tooth shark or 'raggie', in the US it's a sand-tiger shark and in the Mediterranean, it's a grey nurse shark, so it's all of the above. What's even weirder is that its Latin name, Carcharias taurus, actually means 'bull shark', which it's definitely not!


question 9

9. The Portuguese man 'o war is a species of

(a) Jellyfish
(b) Coral
(c) Siphonophore
(d) Salp

A: Although it looks a lot like a jellyfish, the man o' war is not a single animal but a colony of small animals all working together as if they were one, which is known a siphonophore. There was a mistake in the first version of this question when one of the answers was 'hydroid'. Siphonophores are from the order of Hydrozoans, sometimes called hydroids, even though actual hydroids are something else. Classifications change a lot, and Quizmaster McQuiz was caught out. The correct answer is siphonophore, but for the few people who answered hydroid before the correction have had the answer marked as correct. It's still not a jellyfish though! 


question 10

10. Which is NOT the real name of one of the pictured fish?

(a) Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa
(b) Sarcastic Fringehead
(c) Speckled Slartibartfastfish
(d) Monkeyface Prickleback

A: Fans of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will probably have recognised the improbable nature of the 'Slartibartfast' fish, as a character from the novel. Good at fjords. Given the options though, answering differently might not be as silly as it first appears. The Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa is a Hawaiian name for both the reef and lagoon triggerfish, shown in the top right square. In the top left is the sarcastic fringehead, a type of blenny with a weird appendage on top of its skull that looks like a fringe of hair; the name 'sarcastic' derives from a Greek word meaning 'biting' or 'tearing flesh'. In the bottom left is the monkeyface prickleback, because it has a face like a monkey and a back full of prickles. Sometimes scientists have tons of imagination when they name things. And sometimes they don't!




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