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 Five top films to stream


Five films to catch on Netflix to inspire you about our oceans and to celebrate the marine world. Get the popcorn and prepare for some serious sofa diving!

1) Moving Art - Underwater




Part of the Moving Art series produced award-winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg - a series of short films that are glorious eye candy about the natural world. These 26-dream-like minutes are the work of probably the best ever underwater film-maker, Howard Hall. The original music is by Alan Williams. Put it on a loop and chill out.



2) Into The Abyss


A series of 13 Ted Talks themed on ocean exploration and diving. Robert Ballard on deep wreck adventures, Brian Skerry on marine encounters, Edith Widder on the beasts of the abyss, Jeremy Jackson on the shocking state of our oceans and much, much more. Thought provoking and at times even hopeful despite the horrors it lays bare.


3) Blue Planet


Eight fabulous episodes to wallow in - from the pitch black of the abyss to the explosion of life on our coral reefs. This is the BBC at its best. This wonderful series first broadcast in 2001 still one of the benchmarks of underwater, natural history film-making. You wil be amazed by the images that have stayed in your memory and even more surprised by those you have forgotten. It also has narration by the master - Sir David Attenborough. 


4) Mission Blue


This made for Netflix documentary was released in 2014 and focuses the ocean's most indefatigable campaigner Sylvia Earle - it takes in her life and lengthy career as well as her Mission Blue campaign to create a global network of marine protected areas. Inspiring stuff. If only we could clone her

5) Blackfish

If you haven't seen it already - shame on you, you really should have. And it you have, find someone who hasn't and make them watch it. In a hundred years time (if we survive) humans will look back in horror at how we kept orcas in concrete pools to perform for our pleasure. The bare-faced audacity of the Sea World stooges defending this barbaric practice is probably the most shocking thing of all.


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