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Winners of Outdoor Photographer of the Year's underwater section

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The Outdoor Photographer of the Year is an annual competition run by Outdoor Photography magazine focussing on wildlife and landscapes. This year it included an underwater section called Under Exposed - here are five of the best entrants including the winner…


OPOTY Under Exposed George Karbus


George Karbus (Czech Republic)

'After 11 years of freediving in Irish waters I have seen many types of beautiful jellyfish, but the summer last year was exceptionally warm and sunny and the ocean was a different place. There were amazing runs of moon and compass jellyfish. My girlfriend and I were on a freediving session when we discovered these amazing clouds of moon jellyfish. We immediately began swimming among them, enjoying the pulsing as they propelled themselves along.'

Nikon D4 with Nikkor 16mm fisheye lens, ISO 1400, 1/500sec at f/11, Subal housing



ok Miles Jackson IMG 0687

Miles Jackson (UK)

'This photograph was taken off Sail Rock, Gulf of Thailand, after a hard swim to get into position. I hovered in place and absorbed what was unfolding in front of me. Fortunately enough I did lift the camera in time to capture this graceful whaleshark cruising through a huge school of big-eye trevally, which swarmed to her for protection.'

Canon EOS 350D with 18-55mm lens at 18mm, ISO 400, 1/125sec at f/8, Ikelite housing



ok Gary Peart Fur Seal fun 1

Gary Peart (UK)

'This playful seal took centre stage on an action-packed dive with a colony of brown fur seals, just out of Hout Bay off Cape Town, South Africa. The agile seals darted everywhere, even chewing on my dive buddy’s hood. Getting sharp images was difficult, as they were so quick. I found a spot to just on the edge of a rocky shelf, as I wanted to get some of the vivid coloured kelp in the frame.' 

Nikon D7000 with Tokina 10-17mm lens at 10mm, ISO 400, 1/320sec at f/5.6, Nauticam housing


Dougie Souness DS Wreck Sgt highres

Dougie Souness (UK)

'This picture was taken in Bonaire in the southern Caribbean. I was exploring this shipwreck and was taken by the colourful growth on the funnel. The sergeant major fish kept swimming down into the hole, only to reappear seconds later to check me out.'

Nikon D800 with Sigma 15mm fisheye lens, ISO 200, 1/125sec at f/14, Nauticam housing with two Inon strobes


OPOTY Justin Bruhn Play Time

Justin Bruhn (Australia)

'I was privileged to spend an unforgettable morning snorkelling above a school of big-eye trevally that was being harassed by a juvenile bottlenose dolphin off Lady Elliot Island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland, Australia. The dolphin seemed to be playing a game of cat and mouse with the trevally, and it was mesmerising to watch the grace and beauty of the dolphin, which seemed to only be interested in chastising these fish rather than actually catching them. '

Canon EOS 5D Mklll with 15mm fisheye lens, ISO 100, 1/200sec at f/4, Inon Z240 strobes


OPOTY cover

 Outdoor Photographer of the Year: Portfolio One by Ammonite Press, RRP £25, www.opoty.co.uk.



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