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€25,000 Underwater Photography Contest in the Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands is holding its first open underwater photography competition with prizes worth more than €25,000.

You can enter on-line - all the photographs have to have been taken in the Canary Islands and you have to be over 18.

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There are five categories where you have to submit RAW files (called professional) and one called amateur where you can just submit a JPEG.

The categories are:

A series of five photographs portraying the beauty and diversity of the seas around the Canary Islands. Must have RAW file. First prize €6,000, second place €4,000 and third place €3,000.

Photographs taken with a wide-angle lens. Underwater shots with one or more divers - free divers or scuba divers. Must have RAW file. First prize €1,500, second place €1,000 and third place €500.

Vertebrates and invertebrates. Either close-up or wide-angle where the main theme is marine wildlife. No divers in this category. Must have RAW file. First prize €1,500, second place €1,000 and third place €500.

Photographs taken with a wide-angle lens. Underwater seascapes without the presence of divers, or photographs of wildlife taken with a wide-angle lens. Must have RAW file. First prize €1,500, second place €1,000 and third place €500.

Close-ups and detailed photographs of both small marine life and of details or textures. Photographs of fish, invertebrates and algae can be entered. Must have RAW file. First prize €1,500, second place €1,000 and third place €500.

You have a free choice of subject and you can enter both wide-angle and close-up images. First prize €400, Second place €300 & Third place €100.

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The contest is free to enter. And the sooner you enter the more images you can upload. The closing date is 19 May 2016 and the winners will be announced on 20 June 2016.

The photograph resolution should be 800×1200 or 1200×800, 72 ppp (preferably with RGB colour space). The system will not allow you to upload photographs larger than 1.5 Mb.

Go to www.divephotochallenge.com to enter and see all the regulations. You can also browse the images that have been uploaded so far.


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