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Winners of the 11th Our World underwater photo competition 

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The winners of one of the leading underwater photography competitions founded by DivePhotoGuide.com and Wetpixel.com have been announced for 2016.

Organizers Matt Weiss and Eric Cheng said: 'This year’s series has once again produced a very strong field of winning images, and we are immensely proud of the high quality of the entries that the contests attract year after year. We would like to congratulate all of this year’s winners, and we’re already looking forward to seeing more inspiring work next year.'

The judges included award-winning photographers Alex Mustard, Keri Wilk, Berkley White, Amanda Cotton, Aaron Wong and Daniel Botelho plus editors Joe Tepper (DivePhotoGuide), Abi Smigel Mullens (Wetpixel), and Alice Grainger (Asian Diver and Scuba Diver AustralAsia).



1ST 30 WAU 215791454808290 ORIGINAL

Synchronized Swimming by Fabien Michenet - also Gold in Wide-Angle Unrestricted

Wide-Angle Unrestricted


2ND 19 WAU 212981454746865 ORIGINAL

Silver Lagoon by Greg Lecoeur


3RD 20 WAU 213011454747380 ORIGINAL

Bronze Pilot Whales by Greg Lecoeur


Wide-Angle Traditional

1ST 01 WAT 204081451359136 ORIGINAL

Gold Following the Light by Octavio Aburto

2ND 19 WAT 213051454748300 ORIGINAL

Silver Sea Lion in the Bait Ball by Greg Lecoeur

3RD 08 WAT 208001454008908 ORIGINAL

Bronze Dance into the Light by Miguel Pereira

Macro Unrestricted

1ST 04 MAU 205081452566851 ORIGINAL

Gold Expose Yourself by Jeff Milisen

2ND 32 MAU 215771454807797 ORIGINAL

Silver Phronima by Fabien Michenet

3RD 01 MAU 203181448045539 ORIGINAL

Bronze Will-o’-the-wisp by Alex Tattersall

HM 18 MAU 210531454601326 ORIGINAL

Honourable Mention Weedy Scorpionfish by Qing Lin

Macro Traditional

1ST 02 MAT 206241453503748 ORIGINAL

Gold Black Paper by Neal Hoogenboom

2ND 07 MAT 207001453752844 ORIGINAL

Silver Clownfish 01 by Luc Rooman

3RD 04 MAT 206541453669260 ORIGINAL

Bronze Snake Eel by Alfonso Expósito

Commercial, Conceptual, and Fashion

1ST 19 CCF 211451454680252 ORIGINAL

Gold Moonlight Butterfly by Lucie Drlikova

2ND 10 CCF 208931454339156 ORIGINAL

Silver Descent by Zachary Spira-Bauer

3RD 03 CCF 207131453787737 ORIGINAL

Bronze Freefall by Steffen Binke

HM 17 CCF 211421454679897 ORIGINAL

Honourable Mention Dolphins Are Not Pets by Lucie Drlikova

Compact Cameras

1ST 07 COM 208181454154810 ORIGINAL

Gold The Future Generation by Bert Willaert

2ND 24 COM 215401454793126 ORIGINAL

Silver Zoooom by Stephen Holinski

3RD 25 COM 215421454793458 ORIGINAL

Bronze Selfie Time! by Stephen Holinski

HM 18 COM 211761454686943 ORIGINAL

Honourable Mention A Ship of Bottles by Enrico Somogyi




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