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Gallery Special

Mexican photographer Alejandro Prieto captures underwater images characterised by high drama and sublime technique. Here DIVE showcases some of his extraordinary work


07 IMG 3872 sea lion pup la paz mexico alejandro prieto 

This sea lion pup at La Paz, Mexico, brought me a feather, it seems it wanted me to take it and play


08 IMG 4807 silky shark fish puerto vallarta mexico alejandro prieto

I took this photo of a silky shark in the deep waters of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at noon as the sun rays penetrated the clear water


10 IMG 9087 murrelet bird pacific baja peninsula mexico alejandro prieto

This murrelet bird was feeding on crustaceans, in the Pacific south of the Baja peninsula during the 'Mexican sardine run'


09 IMG 8611 needlefish fish espiritu santo island mexico alejandro prieto

A needlefish hunting near the surface, Espiritu Santo Island, Mexico


02 00000924 american crocodile jardines de la reina cuba alejandro prieto

An American crocodile at Jardines de la Reina, Cuba


11 IMG 9440 sea gulls birds playa del carmen mexico alejandro prieto

The sea gulls at Playa del Carmen, Mexico, fly low over a crowded beach looking for food


06 IMG 2157 el boiler san benedicto alejandro prieto manta ray fish revillagigedo mexico

El Boiler at San Benedicto one of the biggest islands in Revillagigedo, Mexico, is one of the best places in the world to see big manta rays. There was a moment when I was surrounded by more than 20 individuals


05 IMG 1548 sardines fish sea lion sea of cortez alejandro prieto

The sardines above this sea lion in the Sea of Cortez are too small to attract his attention, so it's play time with divers instead


04 IMG 0919B whale shark eye fish isla mujeres mexico alejandro prieto

Hundreds of whale sharks gather near Isla Mujeres in the south of Mexico to feast on plankton. They hang vertically in the water in a near trance, allowing me to get close enough to take this macro shot


03 IMG 0265 whitetip reef sharks revillagigedo archipelago alejandro prieto

A slow shutter speed, gives this image of whitetip reef sharks in the Revillagigedo Archipelago a sense of the super strong currents


01 IMG 1075 green turtle kona hawaii alejandro prieto

A green turtle near Kona, Hawaii, illuminated by the early morning sun 



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