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DIVE Resort Partners

Need to get your resort and diving offers in front of thousands of divers? DIVE has the perfect digital package designed specifically for you

DIVE magazine offers an EIGHT part digital marketing package for diving resorts to really build maximum brand presence in the global diving market. Designed to associate the DIVE magazine brand with reputable resort operators the resort partner package gives our readers the confidence to book your resort for their next dive trip.

Here are the EIGHT parts of the package.


Resort Partners Package

1. rESORT Partner Page

The first part of the package is your very own marketing page within the DIVE website. Here you can entice our readers with inspirational videos and images, detail your speciality areas, list your company brochure, pass on your company contact details, plus lots more  

Travel Partner Page

2. RESORT Partner Banner

Next up we will put a huge 320 x 200px banner right on the DIVE homepage to direct readers to your resort partner page. If you choose not to have a partner page we can direct this banner to a page of your choice.

Resort Partner Front Page


3. rESORT Partner Button 

The right sidebar is visible on EVERY page of the site except the home page. We have a section in the sidebar called 'DIVE partners' where we carry 300 x 100px buttons for all of our resort & travel partners. As with the homepage banner this button can be linked to your resort page or a page of your choice.  

Travel Partner Sidebar

4. Travel Offers page

When you have that last minute booking or a great discount that our readers should know about as a DIVE resort partner we give you a dedicated page for each and every offer.

According to our analytics our Travel offer pages are second in visitors only to the competition pages on the whole site. Fill up your left over diving spaces with eager DIVE readers.  

Travel Offer Page


5. Travel Offers on the homepage wall

For maximum impact we list every travel offer on our homepage wall and mark it with a special travel offer sticker. This draws attention to the offer and lets the reader know at a glance that a travel offer is available a click away. The travel offer is held on the home page wall for 30 posts.   

Travel Offer Front Page


6. Travel Offers on travel section page 

Travel offers are also shown on our Travel section wall. This is our highest converting page for travel offers due to thousands of divers that are thinking and reading about travel right when the travel offer is shown.   

Travel Offer Travel Page


7. TRAVEL OFFERS iN the sidebar

On every article page we list the six latest articles posted on the site. The very latest travel offers will stay in this sidebar box on EVERY page of the website for SIX articles

Travel offer in sidebar


8. TRAVEL Offers related article scroller    

On every travel offer page there is a scroller image box at the bottom which directs the reader from one travel offer to another. This spot is great for passing on travel interested readers who are more likely to book dive trips

Travel Offer Travel Scroller



Great, so what's next

If you would like to discuss the various options for getting your resort message in front of DIVE readers then give Chloe Smith a call on the number or email address below.

Chloe Smith
020 8332 8416

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We are quite discerning when it comes to travel or resort companies we recommend to our readers. We always have the readers' security and hard-earned money in mind when partnering with a resort. With this in mind we do not accept all applications for a resort partner. A resort has to be trading for a number of years, have adequate financial protection for consumers, insurance protection and fully trained instructors by an internationally recognised body.
Please contact the DIVE advertising team to determine eligibility.


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