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Ahmed UWAhmed Gabr during his training dive in June


Record Busting Dives


Scuba diving not a competitive sport per se but some individuals have set world records. Here are the daredevils who are top of the class for the deepest and longest scuba dives

The deepest

Yesterday, Ahmed Gabr broke the world record for the deepest scuba dive by about 14.1m. Ahmed reached a depth of 332.35m  and spent more than 14 hours underwater. 

Until yesterday, South Africa's Nuno Gomes held the record of 318.25m (1,044ft) he set in the Red Sea off Dahab, Egypt in 2005. He still holds the official world record for the deepest cave dive after diving to a depth of 282m (927ft) in the Boemansgat cave in South Africa in 1996.

The same cave was the scene for the deepest scuba dive by a female set in 2004 when Verna van Schaik dived down to 221m.

The longest

If you think Ahmed spent a long time underwater, you'll be surprised to hear that he has nothing on the record holders in this category. UK's Sean McGahern is the record holder of the longest open saltwater scuba dive in cold water. Sean was submerged for 49 hours and 56 minutes at St George's Bay, Malta from 3-5 October 2013.


Jerry Hall from the States remained on an underwater platform in Watauga Lake, Tennessee for 120 hours, 1 minute and 9 seconds in 2004 which earned him the record of the longest open freshwater scuba dive.

Cem Karabay from Turkey even spent an unbelievable 192 hours, 19 minutes and 19 seconds in a pool in Istanbul, Turkey back in 2011. That is more than eight days and enough to keep the record for the longest scuba dive in a controlled environment.



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