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Dive Sites | Jack's Tables, Taba Heights

Known for its little critters and frogfish, Taba Heights' dive sites have plenty to entertain

Zack’s Tables is one of the prettiest sites near Taba Heights, a resort at the north of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea and close to Egypt’s border with Israel. The site gets its name from the large table corals that are dotted around the site. These coral outcrops are ideal hiding places for some of the small and shy critters that the area is renowned for.

The site’s topography is typical of the area. The sandy sea bed is flat at around 18m deep and there are small sea grass meadows between the coral bommies. This is an ‘aquarium’ dive – the visibility is as clear as a fish tank and the marine life is the main attraction.

The site is quite large and the coral heads, which are the main features of the site and offer the best opportunity for critter spotting, are well spaced out. To get the most out of your dive, take your time to look closely. Peering underneath the table corals, you might see giant pufferfish or moray eels. Getting up close to the corals will reveal tiny harlequin shrimps hiding in nooks and crannies and always keep your eyes open for the charismatic but well-camouflaged frogfish – there are plenty of them to be spotted in this part of the Red Sea.

While the coral outcrops will absorb most of your dive time, don’t ignore the sand and grass spaces in between. Peppered morays are common here, and there may be sea moths on the sand. Occasionally, larger animals are spotted – while I was diving here we saw a huge marble ray. Turtles are also regularly seen around the area, but the smaller creatures are the main attraction and these sites are particularly popular with photographers.

The route taken on the dive is a gentle meander in a rough circle. There’s a more sizeable coral outcrop – really, a small reef – below the boat mooring where you end your dive.

Generally, sea conditions are calm and the site is shallow and perfect for inexperienced divers. When currents pick up you can hide in the lee of the coral heads, but generally it is an easy dive.



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