Gili T Photo Report:  Taking  Medical Help To Locals Camping Out After Earthquake


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Five days after the earthquake many of the locals are too scared to return to their battered homes and are sleeping out on Gili T's only hill. Alfie Minnaar joins the police doctor visiting their camp

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On Friday, five days after the devasting earthquake hit the island, Alfie and Jen McKay and Alissa Klem persuaded the police who had arrived from Lombok to visit the local families who were living in the open on top of the island's hill.

A group of more than 30 dive professional have stayed on the island after all the tourists had been evacuated following the 6.9-magnitude quake on Sunday evening. They were helping with repairs and liaising with the army and police who had arrived in the days following the disaster.

Jen, from Oregon in the US who is the general manager of the Persona Beach Resort,  said: 'We went up today with the police and, more importantly, police doctors. We also brought our local friends who were able to translate for us.

'The doctors saw to the babies, an elderly gentleman who had throat issues and I think they checked out somebody with abrasions. They gave out medicines - mainly antibiotics.

'The police didn't actually know there were any local people on the hill, they had come to the island without any understanding of the situation - not even that we had a hill and thought that their job was just to patrol the streets, not to provide medical care.’

More than 50 people are still sleeping out on the hill


They have set up outside kitchens and sleeping areas


The police doctor checked out all the infants and young children who had been sleeping out


It is mainly women and children staying up the hill during the day

3 left Gen Girls voice on WA

There have been a number of after tremors and people are fearful


Supplies are limited. Here is some squid drying in the sun


A washing up station


Most of their homes on the coast have suffered serious structural damage


The mothers are finding it hard to keep everything clean


Jen (back row) and Alissa (front right) with the police team

Jen added: 'The original reason they went on the hill was fear of a tsunami, but now they're more afraid of further earthquakes and aftershocks. Their homes and businesses are not safe. You can see the cracks in a lot of their homes and many have collapsed.  I don't know why they are still on the hill rather than say the football pitch lower down. What I'm assuming is they've already made camp up there so it's just easier. And you can kind of see everything coming, so there's a sense of security being up high.

'One of the biggest problems, when you have people living out in the open like this, are waste issues, whether its human waste or food waste. Clearly, there is an issue right now with flies, both up on the hill and down in our own camps.
'With so many women and children, there are disposed diapers, just kind of out in the open. And women are having difficulty finding sanitary products and ways to keep themselves clean. They did appear to have hoses with some water being pumped up and some gallon water containers. But with the dry,  dusty, nature of up there, it's very hard to keep anything sanitary.'

 We will be posting regular reports from Alfie over the next few days.

Most of the local workers on Gili T come from the nearby island of Lombok which was the epicentre of the quake. Nearly 250 are reported to have been killed on Lombok, at least 120,000 are homeless and houses and businesses have been extensively destroyed in the northern part of the island. The dive centres have set up funding pages to help their staff and their families.

Funding pages: Blue Marlin, Dive Central, Trawangan Dive and Manta Dive






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