Drift Diving

Diving in strong currents and in remote locations should be carried out with good planning and experienced operators with comprehensive knowledge of the dive site, its tides and currents. But what if the unthinkable happens and contact between diver and diveboat is lost? Visual and audible safety equipment are the most obvious aids and should be carried as standard practice but for real peace of mind a personal location beacon with an emergency signal that can be picked up via GPS could prove invaluable in unfamiliar waters.

Nautilus Lifeline


The Nautilus LifeLine is a VHF marine rescue radio with GPS combined in a compact polycarbonate and stainless steel case that is depth-rated to 130m. The fully-functioning VHF radio is accessed at the surface by flipping open the top cap and has a voice communication range of 2-6 miles. An orange hail and distress button will allow contact with any boat withing the immediate area while in the event of a separation simply pushing the red emergency button sends an out an alert, including your GPS position, to a range of 34 miles. The USB rechargeable battery has a capacity of 24 hours.

Dive AlertPlus v2

DiveAlert Plus V2 2

This small, lightweight, pneumatic signalling device attaches via quick-connect hose couplings to become an unobtrusive part of your BCD power inflator. Using a small amount of air directly from your cylinder, the Dive Alert is activated by squeezing the device firmly to emit a loud piercing sound which can be heard from up to a mile away on the surface. Underwater, a soft squeeze activates a lower-pitched, buzzing noise in order to attract your buddy's attention. The Dive Alert is available in three fittings to accommodate varying BCD connections. 


AP Pocket Reel


AP's compact Pocket Reel weighs only 205g making it a great choice for the travelling diver. Easily stowed in a BCD pocket or clipped to a D-ring until deployed, the reel contains 40m of fully-enclosed, high-visibility floating line with a breaking strain of 50kg. Manufactured from polypropylene and with a chrome brassed spindle, the reel offers the option of a spring-loaded, thumb-operated line release or by removing the spring will operate as a click-on/click-off lock.


AP Self-Sealing Surface Marker Buoy


Paired with the pocket reel, this self-sealing buoy can be used either as a delayed-action SMB or alternatively inflated prior to the dive and used as a standard surface marker. Orange on one side and yellow on the other for maximum visibility, the buoy's in-built baffle prevents any air spill when in use and also features an over-inflation/dump valve.



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