Deep & Wreck Diving

For wreck afficionados the likes of Coron Bay needs little introduction as resting place to a number of Japanese World War Two supply ships. With depths ranging from 11m  to 40m, they are ideally suited to exploration using closed circuit rebreathers to fully appreciate their place in history and their new life as havens for marine life. For open circuit divers a multi-gas decompression computer is a sensible choice to manage and monitor your bottom time and decompression safely.

AP Inspiration Evo


AP INSPIRATION EVOAs the smallest and lightest of AP Diving's rebreather units, the Inspiration Evo features a 2kg scrubber and two-litre cylinders with a ready-to-dive weight of 24.5kg making it a good choice for the travelling diver. Standard features for the dual oxygen controlled Evo include a wrist-mounted handset and Head-Up Display (HUD), a choice of over-the-shoulder or back-mounted counterlungs, a 16kg buoyancy wing and integrated weight harness.

Hollis Explorer


The Explorer is an intelligent hybrid that utilises the best features of closed-circuit and semi-closed systems. Compact, lightweight and simple to operate the unit uses a single gas, nitrox (32%-40%) and is electronically controlled to achieve the optimum balance of PPO2 and dive time. Features include back-mounted counterlungs, one-handed bailout valve and a HUD. The Explorer is capable of a maximum duration of two hours from the easy plug and play absorbant cartridge.

Poseidon Se7en


The fully-closed and fully automated Se7en offers a typical duration of three hours from a single replaceable CO2 absorbant cartridge. Information at the surface and during the dive is conveyed to the user by a primary handset and HUD, while a gas injection module maintains the partial pressure of oxygen in use as well as automatically calibrating the oxygen sensors prior to diving. A removable and rechargeable 'smart' battery not only powers the rebreather for up to 30 hours but also stores dive log data and conveys your safety status both visually and audibly to your dive buddy.

Suunto Eon Steel


Suunto's Eon Steel is a wrist-mounted, full colour multi-functional dive computer. With its large, rectangular Xensation glass screen, and TFT display, the device is air, nitrox and gauge enabled and capable of up to ten gas mixes plus fixed point CCR mode. Depth rated to 150 metres the Steel features a digital compass and an optional wireless integration pod capable of multiple cylinder pressure readings. Firmware is updatable via USB connection and with a 200-hour logbook memory the computer's rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a 30-hour duration in time mode.

Liquivision XEO


This compact wrist-mounted computer with its Buhlmann-GF algorithm has open circuit, closed circuit and gauge modes and allows up to 10 gas mixes to be programmed. With a full-colour OLED display, user-replaceable battery and Liquivision's unique patented tap-interface system the computer has a robust ceramic pressure sensor and a depth-rating of 200m. Compatible with both Mac and PC, the Xeo offers the choice of strap or bungy attachement and has a two-year warranty.

Subapro Mantis M1


The Scubapro Mantis is a wristwatch-style dive computer manufactured from marine grade stainless steel with a mineral glass protected LCD segmented backlit display and its functions are accessed via four magnetic control buttons. Offering a choice of three gas mixes plus a fixed a point CCR algorithm and four dive modes, the device can also monitor heart rate and skin temperature. This biometric data is provided via the optional HRM belt to adjust decompression obligations according to physical exertion. The Mantis has a 300 dive user-replaceable battery and USB interface



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