Ten Scuba Diving Films to Add to Your Coronavirus Amazon Watchlist

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Just in case you've already exhausted our list of Netflix suggestions, we thought we'd run through Amazon Prime's streaming service to round up 10 movies and documentaries that revolve around scuba diving. There's a ton of other stuff out there, and we're not saying these are the best scuba diving films on TV, but they're all included with an Amazon Prime membership and so why not... 


Monty Halls' Dive Mysteries

Monty Halls explores four of the world's top underwater diving mysteries, including the Japanese Atlantis, the Ghost Ship of Thunder Bay and legend of the Kaiser's Lost Gold. In the first episode, Monty travels to Dahab to find out if the spirit of a young girl lures divers to their deaths in the Curse of the Blue Hole. Also available on YouTube....


Delta Divers

The 2010 Explosion of the oil rig Deepwater Horizon brought the world's attention to not just the environmental catastrophe, but also the divers who expose themselves to danger on a daily basis, working in terrifying conditions to make sure everything works smoothly. Delta Divers is a two-part documentary that follows a team of deep-sea oil rig divers as they ply their trade around the Gulf of Mexico. 


Diving into the Unknown

A 2017 Finnish movie telling the story of four cave divers who set out to recover the bodies of two friends that drowned deep in a Norwegian cave, after the official search and recovery mission is abandoned. 

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A thrilling action-adventure movie following a team of cave divers as they explore the deepest, darkest, least accessible cave system on the planet. Needless to say, things go very wrong as the team find themselves trapped in the underground labyrinth after flash floods bar their escape route. A tense and reasonably accurate Hollywood thriller; claustrophobic people may wish to watch something else! 


Into the Blue

A down-and-out diver (Paul Walker) and his girlfriend (Jessica Alba) decide to risk everything to claim a sunken pirate treasure in the Bahamas which, coincidentally, also happens to be the location of a crashed drug-smuggling aircraft. There's a lot of scuba diving in 'shark-infested waters', interspersed with the glowing skin and well-toned bodies of its lead characters, who don't like to dive in wetsuits, packaged into a not-especially intellectually challenging but reasonably enjoyable action flick, with some pretty glorious cinematography. 

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Dark Tide

Dive instructor and 'shark whisperer' Halle Berry has been left traumatised after a customer was killed by a great white shark while diving with her. Now almost penniless with her business on the point of bankruptcy, a mysterious stranger offers her a truckload of cash to dive with great white sharks, but outside of the cage. Despite the premise, just for once, great whites are not portrayed by Hollywood as mindless killers bent on revenge against humanity. Instead, they are represented for what they are – large, powerful, graceful predators which shouldn't be unnecessarily provoked. The shark footage is really quite spectacular, the footage of human actors, not so much...


James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge

Acclaimed director James Cameron (The Terminator, The Abyss, Titanic) journeys to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, seven miles deep in a single-person submersible he designed himself. It's definitely diving using Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, if not actually 'diving', diving, but an epic adventure nevertheless, with thoroughly breathtaking footage.

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My Life Without Air

One for the freedivers - My Life Without Air follows Croatian champion freediver Goran Colak in his dedication to living a life without oxygen. Director Bojana Burnać's in-depth character examination takes into account all the physical, mental and medical difficulties that can be associated with the quest for perfection.


Ocean Odyssey: The Blue Realm

A natural history docu-series about amazing creatures of the sea, but also involving a lot of scuba diving footage. 13 episodes covering everything from sharks to squid to the most venomous of undersea creatures - and some fairly questionable scuba diving practices...



Underwater Photographer Cathy Salisbury leads a team of divers as they document some of the Caribbean's best-known shipwrecks in a 26-part series of short documentaries. Starting off with Bonaire's famous Hilma Hooker, the team also explores Curacao's Superior Producer, the wreck of the USS Oriskany aircraft carrier, and many more.



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