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Passionate to raise awareness of our incredible undersea world, I hope with my images to inspire awe and global efforts to protect our miraculous marine ecosystem. Raised in Santa Barbara, California, USA, I remember the joy of discovering and exploring tidepools as a child. Photography and scuba diving have been long-held interests – I was certified by NAUI in college (almost 50 years ago!) and took my first photography and marine biology courses at the same time.After a diving hiatus, while I raised a family and practised medicine, I was able to resume diving in earnest and began shooting with a GoPro in 2012. I took additional courses and was certified as a Master Diver. Even with those first images, I was hooked. My photography skills have progressed with lots of practice, underwater photography workshops, and travel expeditions. My camera investments also 'progressed': first a compact, then a mirrorless 4:3 camera; now I have been shooting with a full-frame SLR for the past three years. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to dive and photograph undersea wonders all over the world, including Zanzibar, The Maldives, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, The Philippines, Tonga, Fiji, Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Cuba, Mexico, our own local Channel Islands National Park in California, Hawaii, and even Italy! Each location offers its own unique habitat and animals, making photography feel like a delightful treasure hunt. I love the idea that 'you never know what you’ll find' on a dive. I enjoy making portraits of animals that may be unfamiliar to non-divers, composing them in their natural habitats. I try to compel the viewer with nature’s beauty and to reveal a little of each animal’s personality. 

McCartyDIVE 2

Pygmy cuttlefish,
Ambon, Indonesia


McCartyDIVE 3

Gulf signal blenny,
Sea of Cortez, Mexico

McCartyDIVE 4

Golden fairy basslet,
Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

McCartyDIVE 5

Yellow pygmy gobies,
Anilao, Philippines


McCartyDIVE 7

Pink skunk clownfish,
Solomon Islands


McCartyDIVE 8

Flabellina eodinea nudibranch,
California, USA

McCartyDIVE 9

Brittle star field and urchins,
California, USA

McCartyDIVE 10

Fusilier school,
Raja Ampat, Indonesia


McCartyDIVE 11

Island and reef split with photographer,
Manuk, Indonesia


McCartyDIVE 12

Humpback Whale with calf,
Ha’apai, Tonga

McCartyDIVE 13

American saltwater crocodile,
Jardines de la Reina, Cuba


McCartyDIVE 14

Staghorn hermit crab,
Sea of Cortez, Mexico


McCartyDIVE 15

Longfin spadefish,
Raja Ampat, Indonesia


McCartyDIVE 17

Whale shark with remoras,
Sea of Cortez, Mexico


McCartyDIVE 19

Coconut octopus,
Lembeh Strait, Indonesia


McCartyDIVE 20

Tozeuma shrimp,
Ambon, Indonesia

McCartyDIVE 22

Hawksbill turtle,
Raja Ampat, Indonesia


Find JillAnne on her Instagram @jillmccartyimages and on her website 

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