More of the Best Comments From Our 2020 Travel Awards Nominations

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More of the nicest comments for some of the nominations in this year's DIVE Travel Awards, as we celebrate all the best that the diving world has to offer in these difficult times

As with the previous list (which you can read here), the comments below were selected at random and copied and pasted, with only minor corrections, exactly as they were posted. They don't represent an operator's success or place on the current leaderboard, we just wanted to give a shout out to let them know that people are still thinking about them, a lot!

For a listing of the current Top 25 destinations, dive centres and liveaboards, and to make a nomination for, and comment on, your favourites, please head to our DIVE Travel Awards 2020 Nominations Page.


Sam's Tours, Palau

My Favorite dive centre is Sams Tours of Palau. Of course, the diving there is world-class, however, the dive operators at Sams are the best in the industry. The guides are either marine biologists or passionate locals with a lifetime of experience on these reefs or both. This centre is not about generating profit, rather they are active guardians of the sea, marine educators and do this in an unforgettable entertaining manner.

– CM, United States


Adventure Divers Bali, Indonesia

David and Liselotte are the owner-operators: David the amazing head instructor with his team, Liselotte with incredible attention to detail. She also has the staff organised with catering to accommodate all groups. These two are incredible and it shows in the number of repeat guests. Myself from 2014 to 2019. This whole operation is must-to-be-seen. They live up to all expectations that you've read about on Tripadvisor. Amed is a beautiful place in Bali to visit. I wish them all the happiness and more success.

– EK, United Kingdom


Garden Island Resort, Fiji

The garden island of Fiji there's a reef out there call the Rainbow Reef so much colour so much life such friendly people if you haven't done that it's worth a plane flight it's a long ways from here but you will be talking about it for the rest of your life.

– BC, United States


Amalia Liveaboard, Indonesia

I've been on the Amalia, owned by Uber Scuba Komodo about 7 times over the past 4 years. It's an Indonesian phnisi, and the owners have poured their love onto every detail of the boat. Despite it not being a luxury boat, it is one of the most comfortable and homey boats I've ever been on. Great bean bag chill-out areas, restaurant-style food (no buffet) and I always feel like family when there.

– BA, United Arab Emirates


Evolution, Malapascua, Philippines

Evolution has an amazing staff, wonderful DMs, instructors that go above and beyond and make sure you have really learned, they are very environmentally conscious and do beach cleanups, ocean cleanups, and only use environmentally friendly materials at the shop, restaurant/bar, and hotel. Best place I've ever been.

– AP, United States


Wakatobi, SE Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wakatobi dive resort is one of a kind. A harmonious balance between barefoot luxury and conservation with outstanding service on the resort as well as on the dive boats. Boats are build by local craftsmen in the resorts boatyard and private guides are available to ensure you have the best dives possible! A destination to go back to, again and again.

– IV, United Kingdom


Banana Rama, Roatan, Honduras

Banana Rama in Roatan is our go-to for a quick easy dive vacation. They are great to deal with, treat you like family and the diving is incredible!

– SC, Canada


Tofo Scuba, Mozambique

Tofo Scuba is a relaxed place to stay with very nice and spectacular diving. We have been there twice and ready to go again when travelling is okay. We have never been twice on a spot, so that says enough how much we like it there.

– P, Netherlands


Solitude Acacia Resort, Anilao, Philippines

The Philippines has always been my go-to travel spot, because of how beautiful and diverse it is. Anilao, in particular, is my favourite as its close to Manila airport, so access is easy. and the diving in Anilao just has everything: best macro, stunning reef and best blackwater. I'm a hygiene person, and acacia was by far the cleanest resort I've encountered and the staff were always happy to accommodate my requests.

– WB, United Kingdom


Ocean Encounters, Curacao

Ocean Encounters have always gone out of their way to make sure we all enjoy our time on Curacao, even the non-divers. Good facilities, friendly staff, roomy boats. Their commitment to the island is unequalled - committing to reef health with the first and ongoing lionfish hunts and establishing a coral restoration project.

– DD, Canada


Scuba Junkie Komodo, Indonesia

Scuba Junkie Komodo will forever hold my heart. Not only is the Scuba Junkie organization the best, with fantastic owners and operators that make it of great importance to educate the local population (they have classes for the village kids) on the importance of caring for the ocean, but they do trash pickups and other assorted good things as well. They also hire lots of locals, but actually take care of them and treat them like family, instead of like disposable workers (like some places). Great boats, great food, great people, and amazing diving. Scuba Junkie is the best!

– SH, United States


Dive Into Lembeh, Indonesia

I've been diving around the world for years, which means I've seen a lot of different resorts. I can honestly say that there's nothing like Dive into Lembeh. The way they handle everything from diving operations to BBQ nights is just something different. They make you feel welcome, and the place has this special kind of atmosphere which makes one feel like...home. Combine this with the underwater life of Lembeh Strait, it's perfection.

– JW, Finland


Carpe Vita Liveaboard, Maldives

The Carpe Vita / Diem / Novo fleet in the Maldives pioneered the industry for local dive guides in the Maldives. Dive Crew is entirely Maldivian and alumni have populated dive centres throughout the Maldives. This is a great idea for bringing the benefits of the dive industry to all the boats and locations where we dive.

– MDW, United States


Ceningan Divers, Nusa Ceningan, Indonesia

It's like a small family. All the instructors are so attentive, especially when the client is not speaking English that good. Underwater or in the resort, it always feels so good to be there. All the crew is so nice. And u can discover many dive spot, but always taking care of risks and chose the daily spot looking at the weather, current and everything. Feel safe to dive with them.

– CR, France


Dressel Divers, Mexico

The best we know. They are very competently and very safe. The equipment is perfect and the vessels are excellent. If we dive, we dive with Dressel Divers. Other places are also good, but not the same as with this company.

– BD, Germany


Scuba Junkie Mabul, Borneo

All the companies I have dived with have been so welcoming, friendly and helpful. So to pick one out I will say ScubaJunkie in Mabul because they have the SEAS project running to protect the turtles, reefs and to educate both locals and travellers about the environmental impact of diving. The diving was amazing too, but so it is in many places around the world. We need to be educating all divers about the impact we can make - for good and when we are not so good - and having people who champion this is really important.

– AN, United Kingdom


Abyss Ocean World, Bali, Indonesia

The time I spent with the Abyss Ocean World team was way beyond my expectations. This group works so well together and really pampers their guest. It was so nice to be able to dive with people that really care about the environment they work in and are working with the local people to encourage recycling etc. 
Every dive site we went to was so beautiful and different. It was also great to get back onboard each morning to our clean, well-taken-care-of gear. I can't wait to rebook. I miss the Abyss Team!

– GS, United States


Oceania Liveaboard, Papua New Guinea

MV Oceania is pretty much perfect. The staff are incredibly hospitable, caring, knowledgeable and helpful. Staying on the boat feels like home, you feel comfortable anywhere. Rooms are gorgeous and the multitude of windows allowed us to see endless amounts of dolphins and even a humpback whale while moving between dives. An incredible experience.

– AM, United Kingdom


Mimic Liveaboard, Indonesia

I was fortunate to be a part of a four-day trip on the Mimic liveaboard. The trip was incredible, the guide was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel completely safe as it was my first time on a liveaboard. Before each dive, there were great briefings about what to expect. And if the diving wasn't enough, the food was amazing too! This was one of the most memorable trips I have ever gone on.

– SE, United States


Dive Urge, Dahab, Egypt

Dive Urge - the mood here is really chilled - and the food delicious - but when it comes to diving these guys are very professional. They are great at knowing the best dive sites and most importantly when to go to these sites so that you're not sharing the dive with 50 other divers!

– AB, Ireland


Reef Oasis Dive Club, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

I just have beautiful memories about the kindness of the staff and the perfect organization of the dive shop. We were always feeling part of the crew. Dive Centre and Red Sea are the top.

– RB, Australia



I'll have you pick out (not easy) Mexico, because the region offers magnificent magical cenote dives which are fairytales under the surface, and also great places like Cozumel with giant sea life and the bull sharks in Playa. It seems like a big menu to choose from in a relatively small area.

– P, Belgium

Manta Diving, Lanzarote

Manta diving Lanzarote is a family oriented dive centre. They make you feel welcome on every trip and keep in touch with you even after the holiday has ended and you have gone home. They listen to their clients and tailor dive packages to suit the client. The friendly atmosphere coupled with years of experience makes this the premier dive centre to use.

– JB, United Kingdom


Komodo Resort & Diving Club, Indonesia

Unbelievable sea life - big, small, colour, all around. Good variety of dive sites. Fabulous for snorkelling as well as scuba. Perfect staff - helpful, not intrusive, confident, keen to share the sights and a very comfortable place to stay. Incredible to see teeming reef life just 10m off the beach! Also very close to Komodo island for the dragons and other sights. Just idyllic - four-day stay November 2019.

– DD, United Kingdom


Sundive, Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay in Australia! I've never seen so many sharks in a temperate destination, and the Sundive team are fantastic, the place is full of researchers and conservationists as well as dive guides / instructors.

– SP, New Zealand


Manta Ray Bay Resort / Yap Divers, Federated States of Micronesia 

Yap to me is the best destination in the world, not only because of its pristine marine life and guaranteed sharks and mantas but also because it doesn't have crowds and the local people are just the kindest in the world.

– JP, Brazil


Uepi Dive Resort, Solomon Islands

Uepi is pure, untouched splendour, with an extraordinary diversity of dives and species right on your doorstep. The professionalism and friendliness of the team on this little island guarantee that you feel more like family than guests.

– QS, South Africa


Bali Reef Divers, Amed,  Indonesia

Bali Reef Divers. They are based in a gorgeous little beach resort in the village of Amed in north Bali. The macro diving is superb, there are some amazing wrecks there, including the USAT Liberty, plenty of fish, great visibility and easy diving conditions. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Bali has so much to offer, the people are so friendly, the food is good, prices (in north Bali) are ridiculously cheap and the surrounding area is stunningly beautiful. I have been there over a dozen times and cannot wait to go back.

– BB, United Kingdom


Thalassa Dive Resorts, N Sulawesi, Indonesia

You come here as a guest and leave as a friend. In this resort Friendliness, Customer Service, Adustable is normal. Every customer is treated like family instead of as a money tree. The crew does everything to make your stay unforgettable, to show you the most beautiful places with care for nature and the environment. Simone Simone Gerritsen is an enthusiastic person who also has an eye for the needs of the people in her environment. She supports the schools in her area and gives children a chance to make a good start in their lives. Therefore I would like Simone and her crew to win this contest. 

– IB, Netherlands


Pure Dive Resort, Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Amazing crew, fabulous service. Friendly professional and go out of their way to make sure you get the best diving possible. Dive site selection is varied and the timing perfect. They've scheduled extra dives on days so we could hit dive sites that are not suitable for the rest of the guests. So just two of us and the crew for an early morning dive before their regular schedule. Given enough days they'll make sure you get to go to all the dive sites around NP and south Bali. The shop and equipment is top-notch. Attention to detail and level of.professionalism is uniform across the board from booking through logistics through diving. One of the few places I need macro and wide-angle on the same dive and the guides are great at spotting both.

– AB, India


Bilakiki Liveaboard, Solomon Islands

The Bilikiki team offers extraordinary dive adventures and legendary customer service in the Solomon Islands. However, this is just the first layer of their magic. The entire organization; owners, managers and crew are committed to nurturing and supporting the rural islands and villages where they dive. It is obvious at each village the respect and support the Bilikiki has for the population. They buy all produce for their guests from local farmers which are grown from seeds that were years ago donated by the owners.  But vegetables are only the obvious that all guests can see. Every year the Bilikiki donates two weeks to the Loloma Foundation to provide free medical and dental care to literally thousands of villagers. Their commitment is provided free of charge to host 20 medical professionals to care for the Solomon Islanders. They provide so much - every member of the crew is an active participant in the clinics, translators, dental assistants, triage, transport and emotional support to the villagers. This is the way it should be, people helping each other. The Bilikiki's diving is world-class only surpassed by the love of their fellow man!

– BS, United States



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